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New Bay Trail-Powered PC From Logic Supply Offers Highest Performance to Size Ratio

Following up on the release of their innovative ML400 Series of industrial PCs, Logic Supply (www.logicsupply.eu) has added a new ultra-compact, Thin Mini-ITX computer to their lineup of rugged commercial hardware.
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Lifecycle: The Important Hardware Spec You May Be Ignoring

You've spent years conceptualizing and designing an innovative embedded project, device or system and are finally ready to start choosing the hardware that will power it. You've created a list of specifications and are being diligent in ensuring that every component meets your requirements. But there’s one important hardware factor that may not have made your list, or that you don’t realize needs to be addressed this early in the process. The scary part is, ignoring this key spec can have lasting ramifications for the future of your project.
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What is Windows Embedded, and Why Does it Matter Now?

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they’ll be ending retail sales of Windows 7 at the end of October. But, what exactly does that mean, and is it reason for concern for anyone currently using the soon-to-be-extinct OS? As we touched on in a previous blog, operating system plays a key role in the hardware decision-making process, and Windows 7 has proved to be a reliable choice for many embedded projects. So, how does this end of life (EOL) notice impact users, and what steps do you need to take if your current or upcoming project, system or device is based on a Windows 7 architecture?
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Our New ML400 Series Breaks Free from the Black Box Paradigm

The world of embedded computing is full of nondescript black boxes. When we set about designing our new ML400 Series of industrial PCs, we wanted to build something different. Drawing on our experience working with embedded systems experts and integrators, we've developed a hardware platform that satisfies the functional demands of engineers while visually communicating the excitement of this Internet of Things age.
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Logic Supply Releases New ML400 Series, Brings Embedded Computing Out of the Shadows

Logic Supply (www.logicsupply.eu), a leading provider of industrial and embedded computer hardware, has unveiled a new series of rugged PCs which breaks free of the ‘black box’ paradigm in the industrial hardware market.
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How Small is Small? Meeting the Size Requirements of Today’s Embedded Projects

The two main demands on computer designers have been the same for years: create more powerful systems and do so in an ever-shrinking footprint. The consumer market has always focused mainly on raw processing power, graphics and eye-catching design. While those features are important in the Industrial PC market as well, commercial designers must also focus on the longevity, life cycle and ruggedness of their computer systems while creating smaller and smaller devices that demand huge amounts of processing and computation power. With processor speeds struggling to keep up with Moore’s Law, and chipset makers beginning to run up against the limits of what is physically possible, hardware designers are relying on innovative enclosure design and cutting edge cooling technology to continue to meet the demands of system integrators and engineers building the latest generation of devices. So, what qualifies as a “small” industrial computer these days, what are the necessary trade-offs in achieving such a small form factor PC and what are the commercial needs that are driving the continued shrinking of embedded computer systems?
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What is an In-PC UPS and How Does it Work?

Data backup is something that none of us can afford to ignore. In our daily lives power failures can cause documents to be lost and hours of work to be undone. In an industrial setting the potential damage is much greater. Imagine that the PC powering a high-speed machine vision application suddenly loses power. How much product might be damaged? How much money could it cost? What damage might be done to the company’s reputation? It’s in these instances when an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is the perfect choice, but in many industrial settings space and environmental factors like temperature or dust can make traditional external UPS systems impractical. This is where an In-PC UPS is the ideal solution.
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Do You Always Need A RAID Card to Set Up a RAID Array?

Recently, we've been fielding an increasing number of questions from clients about the uses of RAID for industrial applications and how a dedicated expansion card differs from the on-board RAID capabilities of many of our systems. In the past RAID arrays have been largely controlled by dedicated controller cards, but many modern motherboards now include built-in support for some types of arrays. The question is, in what instances do you still need a dedicated controller card and what are the most common uses and advantages of on-board RAID?
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The Importance of Rugged Network Firewalls

Firewall computers serve to protect your network from damage. Also referred to as gateways because they control access to your network, firewalls separate your internal data, programs and applications from unauthorized access. In short, firewalls allow you to decide who can view the information on your network and ensure that your sensitive systems are always protected. But what does your business really need in a network gateway? What are the options for a reliable, rugged firewall PC?
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Computex 2014 Wrap-up: The New Look of Embedded Computing

For the Logic Supply team, Computex 2014 was not only a wonderful opportunity to explore the latest in computer and communications technology, but also provided a chance to connect with long-time clients, vendors and manufacturers. The event offered a glimpse into the future of both consumer and commercial tech, with a few important technologies and trends rising to the surface. In their final report from Taipei, our team offered some statistics about the event and a few closing thoughts about what they saw and experienced.
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Computex 2014 Day 4: Form Factor in Focus

On Day 4 of Computex 2014 the Logic Supply team tried to see and do as much as possible as the Taipei computing trade show begins to wind down. After getting a chance to check out the first-of-its-kind, 16 LAN-equipped surveillance computer from Neousys yesterday, CEO Roland Groeneveld, Lead Engineer Rodney Hill, EU Director of Technology Fred Buining and Director of the Logic Supply Taiwan office Alice Liao were treated to PCs of all shapes and sizes. They had the chance to check out a slew of new tablets, a host of unique motherboards and what’s being touted as the, “World’s Smallest” windows PC kit.
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Computex 2014 Day 3: A World's First Product Launch

On Day 3 of Computex 2014 the Logic Supply team was treated to the latest in emerging computing technologies, fresh new design trends and even a “World’s First” product launch. They toured offerings from Sapphire, Neousys, ASRock and Streacom and were able to make some exciting observations about what the future holds for industrial computing.
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Computex 2014 Day 2: Insights Into the Internet of Things

For the Logic Supply team currently in Taipei, the second day of Computex 2014 largely revolved around technologies related to the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT concepts have been around for years but many companies are now ramping up their efforts to create products and technologies that leverage cloud computing, advances in sensor technology and an increasingly, “always on” society to develop innovative solutions to a wide range of challenges.
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Computex 2014 Day 1: New Products from ASRock & Jetway

For the first official day of Computex 2014, Logic Supply CEO Roland Groeneveld, lead Engineer Rodney Hill and EU Director of Technology Fred Buining were joined by the Director of the Logic Supply's Taiwan office, Alice Liao. They received a very warm welcome from many of our manufacturing partners, including Jetway, ASRock, Morex, Transcend, and Mitac and were able to sit in on a number of product presentations.
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Daily Updates From Computex 2014!

Logic Supply team members will be reporting from Computex 2014 in Taipei to share the latest in tech industry insight from the second largest ICT trade show in the world.
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Element14/Embest Board Opens the Door for BeagleBone Black Projects

While many applications require large, rugged industrial PCs, an emerging category of intelligent systems demands light, flexible, low power, development friendly hardware. ARM is rising. But many “embedded” ARM boards offered by IPC companies are problematic: there's little developer support and little in the way of a community for many of these boards. They require (compared to x86) a substantial investment to get applications to run and connectivity to work. Custom projects require a custom board, with 10,000 unit MOQs.
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Intel’s New Haswell PC Motherboards: What’s All The Fuss About?

Whenever Intel releases a new generation of processor there’s always plenty to talk about, but the recent unveiling of their fourth-generation CPU - nicknamed Haswell - has created even more buzz than usual. While mobile PC users and designers are impressed by the ultra energy-efficient chip, intelligent systems builders have vocally wondered whether there’s much to get excited about for those creating more robust systems for embedded or industrial applications.
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Barebones: Buy Fanless the easy way

Especially when a customer application requires a fanless computer, a fanless barebone computer saves the customer time and trouble needed to select components, assemble and test the build system. We thought we would take a moment to discuss, why you should choose barebones, and why fanless barebones could be the answer to your industrial and manufacturing needs.
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Logic Supply at ISE 2014

Yesterday we visited the Integrated Systems Europe 2014 in Amsterdam and we would like to share some interesting market and technology trends from the trade show.
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Meet Your New Rugged NVR: The Nuvo-3005LP

There is a new Security and Surveillance system on the block, the Nuvo-3005LP. It’s a powerhouse of a PC, packed with key features, and is the best wide-temperature Network Video Recorder (NVR) we have seen in a long time.
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2013: Looking Back and Looking Forward

In keeping with the New Years celebrations, let's take a moment to look at the past year at Logic Supply. We had an excellent 2013, with new technology hitting the market, new faces walking the halls, and new look for our online face. Lets take a look at what we were really proud of in 2013:
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IP Ratings Overview

IP ratings get tossed around pretty frequently. IP20, IP65, and the like are common, but what does they mean? Lets take a quick look.
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6 Gotchas of Vibration-proofing your PC

Metal stamping facilities, In-vehicle infotainment, Data-logging on bridges. What’s the connection? Shock and vibration. If you are in an environment where your computer is going to be knocked around, vibrated, shocked or just shaken every which way, you’ll need to vibration-proof your system. Let’s take a look at the 6 Gotchas of vibration-proofing your PC.
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Product Spotlight: The ML300 Series Adds Haswell

Meet the Next in Logic Supply’s fanless, ventless Next Unit of Computing (NUC) series: the ML320, featuring Intel’s Haswell NUC motherboard. Its got all the bells and whistles standard in the ML300 -- Fanless, Adjustable I/O, best in class thermals, expansion bay and the like -- but now packing some extra features that set it apart from its sister system
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Operating Temperature: Can Your PC Take the Heat?

A system’s operating temperature looks like a simple range of temperatures, but it is really a game of 3D chess. The components (their operating temperatures and thermal limits), the ambient temperature in the environment and the system utilization come together to give a system a rating that is the key to knowing if your computer can take the heat common in industrial & manufacturing environments. The wrong 30°C PC in a 40°C environment can spell disaster: unintended shutdown, data loss, WiFi failure and more can all happen thanks to temperature. So how do you insulate yourself from failures due to heat? Read on.
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Intel verifies fanless ML300 NUC system to 50°C

Logic Supply’s fanless NUC, the ML300, has returned from the Intel testing lab as the clear leader in fanless Next Unit of Computing systems. In exhaustive Intel testing, the ML300 was the first and only fanless NUC to maintain performance in ambient temperatures exceeding 30°C. Standard configurations of the ML300 reached 40°C and with the addition of Logic Supply wide-temperature components the computer was verified for a staggering 50°C, without CPU shutdown, wifi failure, or data corruption. Said lead Hardware Engineer Rodney Hill, “The ML300 is by far and away the top thermal performer of all fanless NUCs verified by Intel.”
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Windows 8.1: More than a Service Pack?

There is an old IT belief that you should avoid upgrading your Windows till the first Service Pack. It's been true for almost every version of Windows -- excepting perhaps utter failures like Windows ME that should just be forgotten -- including Windows 8, which has been poorly received over all. Well, it's been almost a year since Windows 8 rolled out (Oct 26th, 2012 will be its 1 year) and Friday the 18th of October will not be seeing a Service pack at all. Instead we will see an upgrade to a new version, the much anticipated Windows 8.1.
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pfSense Firewalls: What are they and why should I use one?

The firewall, that ubiquitous piece of technology that should be a part of every network, is a crucial choice. Many networking engineers look to Cisco as the default, but a growing number are using open source firewall options like pfSense. You might have heard of pfSense. They recently received a good amount of buzz from the much anticipated 2.1 upgrade, but what is it that is so attractive?
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Choosing an In-Vehicle PC

Choosing and configuring an In-Vehicle computer system is no simple task. Mobile digital signage, fleet management, automated traffic control, and surveillance -- just to name a few popular in-vehicle applications -- require vastly different specs. Adding to the complexity, the In-Vehicle environment has its own challenges, including power, temperature, and vibration. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to get the required development and prototyping process started
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Mini-ITX: A Look at the Small Form Factor Giant 10 Years In

With all the talk of Intel pulling a number of it’s Mini-ITX motherboards off the market (More information here and here), it seems a good time to take a moment and discuss what the Mini-ITX board is as a whole, and where its headed.
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DN2800MT Marshalltown Migration Path Secured: Logic Supply is working with Intel authorized ODM Licensee

In the consumer space, we've learned to live with instant obsolescence and flash-in-the-pan product life cycles. In the enterprise, embedded, and industrial computing markets, however, our customers expect stability, and so do we. After all, product line redevelopment and re-certification are expensive and time-consuming on both sides of the equation
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Dusty Shop Floor Environments: When Removing the Fan is not Enough

The idea that going fanless is better should be something of a given at this point. The removal of a point of failure whenever possible is a net gain for  Systems Administrators and Manufacturing Engineers -- even before you get into the matters of dust and particulate in the air. However, what's interesting is what happens after you remove the fan. Are your problems with dust solved? Certainly you are better off, but is dust still getting into your systems and wreaking havoc?let’s look at what is in your dust, how it can still get in your cases, and what you can do about it.
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Manufacturing Irony: Fans are the ‘Achilles Heel’ of Your PC

Those of you working with a desktop, take a moment and look at the fans on the back of your PC. Go ahead, I’ll wait…
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Disabling the BeagleBone Black HDMI Cape

The HDMI port on the BeagleBone Black is implemented as a virtual cape. This virtual cape uses pins on the expansion headers, limiting the available pins. If you don’t need HDMI you gain 20 more GPIO pins by disabling  the HDMI cape. Other reasons for disabling HDMI are to make UART 5 and the flow control for UART 3 and 4 available or to get more PWM pins. Follow the instructions on our US Blog to disable the HDMI cape and make pins 27 to 46 on header P8 available.

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BeagleBone Enclosure: A Look Inside

We recently began selling our cases for the BeagleBone Black, and they've been flying off the shelves like hotcakes. Encouraged by this demand, we've decided to provide some insight into the case’s design, and some examples of how its features might be best leveraged. The BB100 may look like just another little case for your BeagleBone Black, but we promise that its potential for greatness makes it so much more than that.

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USB Wifi Adapter Installation on the BeagleBone Black

The Logic Supply UWN100 and UWN200 Compact USB Wifi Adapters are great for use with the BeagleBone Black. These adapters are based on the relatively new Ralink/MediaTek MT7601 chipset, so drivers are not widely available yet. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the drivers.

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Haswell for embedded: 4th generation industrial PC motherboards are on the way

Intel’s new fourth-generation Core CPU--nickname Haswell--has been on everyone’s mind lately. Better graphics. More energy-efficient. Great for mobile units. But a lot of the buzz right now is consumer buzz. People are excited about having Haswell in their Macbook Airs. But if you are working on an intelligent system (an industrial control application for example), should you care?

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Did You See Us at Intel's Channel Conference?

We were excited to present a series of LGX cases--including our NUC chassis--at Intel's 2013 Channel Conference yesterday, at the Van der Valk Hotel Vianen!
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‘Desktop Ubuntu is a poor fit for point-of-use applications’: Interview with RapidRollout

Logic Supply recently partnered with RapidRollout, a Linux OS development shop specializing in interactive kiosk and digital signage applications. Founder Forest Bond stopped by our US location to talk shop and weigh in on custom vs. desktop-oriented distributions.
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BeagleBone Black €36,50 Linux Computer; Enclosure Coming Soon

Logic Supply is adding the BeagleBone Black to our product line, along with a range of accessories and services.

The new BeagleBone Black is the next generation open source hardware development platform from BeagleBoard.org. This credit-card-sized ARM based computer is the perfect prototyping platform for developers.
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Fanless NUC Enclosure Coming Soon

We’re happy to announce that we are in the final stages of developing an fanless NUC enclosure. Pictures are below. We’ll detail the specs more once it’s all finalized, but we wanted to point out some cool features of this one-of-a-kind chassis.

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The AU970: A Quad-Core, Harsh-Environment, Fanless System

We’re excited to announce the addition of another product to the LGX line--the AU970 Intel® Core™ Fanless Computer. We designed this guy to power demanding industrial applications, like high-end automation, data collection and surveillance.

Here’s what we find exciting about the AU970. Be sure to watch the video below, too!

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System Comparison: Intel "Ice Canyon" NUC vs AG960 NUC

Late last year, Intel released the 4-by-4-inch Next Unit of Computing Form Factor. Housed in a tiny case of Intel’s own design, their NUC system, the DC3217IYE “Ice Canyon”, offers consumers a smart, super-small solution for home media and desktop replacement. Soon after the launch of the Intel system, the product engineering team began thinking about how to capitalize on the qualities of the NUC motherboard (small + powerful) and apply them to the embedded market. The result is the NUC-based AG960 system. So what does a commercial NUC look like? And how does it compare to its consumer cousin?  I worked with Logic Supply’s Field Application Engineer Casey Atherton and Support Technician Travis Bigelow to test and describe some key differences.
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Rackmounts, You Say? The MK100 is the Last 1U’ll Ever Need!

The MK100 is the last 1U rackmount case you'll ever need. Why’s that? Let’s take a look at the specs.
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Breaking Boundaries: A 10-Year Transformation

In 2003, Logic Supply opened its doors and became one of the first US companies selling Mini-ITX motherboards and related components online. Since then, we’ve gradually and organically done more.

Last year, our Engineering Division grew our in-house product line with well-engineered, high-quality computers and cases that are “designed to be redesigned.” Some highlights:

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Rugged is as Rugged Does - Cold Weather Computing

At Logic Supply, we know our systems are being installed in some of the harshest environments. That's why we offer some of the most durable and reliable embedded computers on the market today. Our computers go on factory floors, in police vehicles, ambulances, wind turbines and more. They even get deployed in some of Mother Nature's harshest environments for tasks like remote data collection. Find out just how rugged our computers are.
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New Jetway NF9G QM77-based Industrial PCs from Logic Supply Offer High-Performance, Energy Efficiency, and I/O Flexibility

Logic Supply, a leading provider of industrial PCs, announced a range of embedded systems powered by Jetway Computer Coorporation's new NF9G-QM77 Core i Ivy Bridge Mini-ITX Motherboard. Patrick Barry, Jetway’s Business Development Manager, said, “Logic Supply’s new NF9G-powered line of small, rugged computers offer high-performance, energy efficiency, and I/O flexibility.”
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Initializing a Disk In Windows

Adding a secondary hard drive is generally considered a basic upgrade procedure, but there are particular details to the process which can still trip up advanced users. One of the lesser known requirements of adding a new hard drive to a Windows machine is the need to initialize the disk.
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Logic Supply Continues Global Expansion With Latin America Launch

Logic Supply, a leading global provider of embedded industrial computer systems, today announced its launch in Latin America. International sales professional, Jairo Blanco, will lead the company's efforts to expand in the region, delivering dedicated account management services in both Spanish and Portuguese.
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Marketing Term Mayhem: The "LED" Display

The “LED” display has been the source of much confusion in the tech world over the past couple of years. There is some clarification due, particularly pertaining to exactly what an LED display is – and why most LED displays on the market today are not true LED displays. What is a true LED display?

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How to Flash a BIOS

Flashing a BIOS can be done to update a motherboard’s firmware to the latest version. Similar to the way software companies release updates to their programs to add new functions and fix bugs, motherboard manufacturers will also occasionally release firmware (BIOS) updates to fix minor issues and enable new features on motherboards. This blog post will teach you how to flash a BIOS.
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Delivering Consistent Messaging with Reliable Digital Signage

If you have ever taken a train ride, you know the importance of digital signage. It’s that handy piece of equipment that tells you what track you’re supposed to be at and whether you’re going to be on time or you’re going to miss Sunday supper. But did you ever stop to wonder what powers these crucial pieces of equipment?

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Logic Supply Dramatically Improves Performance to Size Ratio with the AU145

Logic Supply, a leading provider of specialized computer systems for industrial and embedded applications, introduces the Extended Temperature Atom D2550 AU145 rugged system designed for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Intel Adds Long-Lifecycle Ivy Bridge i3 CPU

We've know this was coming for a while, but Intel has finally, officially, added an Ivy Bridge Core i3 processor to their lineup, the i3-3120ME. But what about the i3-3217UE, you say? True, that CPU has been listed on Intel's ARK site for some time now, but it is only available in a soldered onboard BGA package. Now, Intel isn't currently listing all of the details of the i3-3120ME, and "Package Type" is one of the fields that are missing, but I think it's a pretty safe bet that it will be available in Socket G2/PGA988 based on the TDP and notes in the "Description" field.
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Customizing Off-the-shelf Products with Cost Effective Solutions

At Logic Supply our engineers are constantly developing our product line to include customizable solutions that are cost-effective for our customers. How do we do this? We start with an off-the-shelf product and customize it to fit your application and budget. It costs less because we are not developing from scratch, we’re starting with an already existing product and working from there.
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Why x86 is Still Relevant to Embedded Engineers

If you need high performance computing for your application x86 is the way to go
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Why Choose Build and Test?

Follow our Assembly Team as they build and test a rackmount system
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Using Daughterboards to Get Additional I/O

Your project has a specific set of I/O requirements, but you have space constraints
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Price Break! Take €90 Off the Jetway NF81 + Fanless GS-L05 Case

Special Discount on GS-L05 and NF81! SAVE €90
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Crisp and Refreshing, a New Thin-ITX Board From Intel

The new DN2800MT "Marshalltown" from Intel, benchmarked and reviewed
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Emphase G3 SSDs: Balancing Performance with Price

New SSDs from Emphase are faster - and larger - than ever
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Hard Drive Shortage: Time to Go Solid State?

With hard drives in short supply, will more users turn to SSDs and flash storage?
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Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support Gets Longer

Good news for Ubuntu users - Ubuntu 12.04 will come with 5 years Long Term Support
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How Do You Choose Your Computer Hardware?

Selecting a new system is a big decision - let us help you make it.
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Do Not Try This At Home: Increase Drive Capacity Using Salt

Researchers discover that salt can improve capacity in hard drive disks
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Hello CFast: We Have Been Expecting You

New, hot-swappable storage arrives at our U.S. office.
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Mini-ITX is the New Mainstream, But What About Other Form Factors?

Mini-ITX is not the only game in town, but it is the most popular
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New Nuvo Systems from Neousys

Combining high performance and low profile, fanless design with multi-network connectivity
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Intel Cedar Trail Details Trickle Out

More information emerges regarding Intel's upcoming Cedar Trail boards
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Keeping it Cool: the Importance of Thermal Regulation

Keeping industrial PCs cool is just as important as making them smaller and faster.
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The Industrial Revolution

PCs are not becoming useless: we're just changing the way we use them.
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Form Meets Function: The Case for Automotive

MV101 Automotive Case
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Logic Supply, Live from Computex 2011

Logic Supply visits Computex 2011 for the latest product news
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Performance + TRIM = Longevity

Things just got a whole lot better in the world of industrial storage!
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Free Shipping to in the Netherlands for Orders over EUR 175!

Customers in the Netherlands are eligible for free shipping on orders over 175 Euros
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Meet 2011's new contenders: in this corner, Intel's Sandy Bridge

Intel's new Sandy Bridge platform to revolutionize low-power, image-intensive computing
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Meet 2011's new contenders: in this corner, the AMD Fusion

Preview the AMD Fusion architecture, poised to perform in heavy-duty processing
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Easily Customize your Jetway Mainboard

Jetway makes customizing mainboards easier, thanks to Add-On Modules.
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Meet Our Extreme Environment Barebones

Logic Supply offers two extreme environment barebones systems, the PT-1ZB0 and the PT-9WC1
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Logic Supply Launches New European Site and Store

We are pleased (and very excited) to announce the launch of our new European Web site
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