About Logic Supply

Leveraging Off-the-Shelf Hardware for Embedded Applications

Logic Supply configures small, specialized computer systems uniquely designed for embedded and industrial applications. In addition to our extensive product line of pre-configured systems and components, we offer hardware customization, engineering services, software imaging, application development, and complete production cycle management.

Engineering Services

Core Benefits to our Customers – Why Choose Logic Supply?

Logic Supply is a different kind of embedded technology company:

  • We're agile and responsive. As a young, mid-sized company, we can move quickly to innovate on our product line, adapt to changes in technology and demand, and be there for our customers when they need us.
  • We have accessible engineering expertise in-house. We have technical sales managers who can help configure an ideal system, an engineering services team that can customize a full solution, and knowledgeable support staff.
  • We specialize in an embedded-off-the-shelf (EOTS) product line. For embedded systems designers and developers, there are many advantages to choosing standardized, off-the-shelf computer hardware for an application.
  • Our comprehensive product line is:

    -  Readily available

    - Modular and easily integrated with other components

    - Cost efficient

    - Easily customizable

    - Ideal for rapid prototyping and roll out

  • We're focused on creating solutions for you. Logic Supply understands that customers not only want the best platform, but the peace of mind that all aspects of the development cycle are being considered; we provide both. Whether you require small (10-20 units) or large (2000+ units) production runs, we will deliver the most economical and efficient solution.

Logic Supply is a global company that excels at supply chain management. Our European and US offices offer technical sales, engineering, and system integration capabilities. Our Taipei office maintains partnerships with our suppliers, enabling us to deliver competitive pricing, volume discounts, pre-production samples for testing, and accurate inventory lead times.

Our History – Pioneering a new category in Applied Computing

Applied Computing

Logic Supply was founded in 2003 by Roland and Lisa Groeneveld, shortly after VIA Technologies introduced the Mini-ITX form factor. Roland, an engineer with a background in IT and Industrial Automation discovered Mini-ITX when looking to build a small computer system. He found he wasn't able to purchase any Mini-ITX motherboards in the United States and believed others like him might be interested in this new, energy efficient form factor. He and his wife decided to open the first online Mini-ITX distributor in the States.

His instinct proved right; the demand for Mini-ITX boards and systems has steadily grown over the years, making Mini-ITX a go-to form factor. Significantly, he shortly discovered the form factor was ideal for applications that previously depended on expensive, custom embedded products. Over the years we've seen customers put our computers in hospitals, helicopters, taxi cabs, mines, cranes, dump trucks, meat processing facilities, grocery stores, traffic control centers, and production lines.

It's been awhile since Logic Supply first opened our doors. While Mini-ITX remains core to what we do, we've expanded into other form factors while continuing to focus on what made Mini-ITX attractive—small, low power, easily customizable, cost efficient, and readily available.

Expansion into new industries and products has been met with market success. In 2010, Logic Supply opened a dedicated office in Taipei. In 2011, Logic Supply began operations in Europe, with a headquarters in the Netherlands.

Corporate Accounts

Logic Supply works with professional system integrators and corporate customers to create Mini-ITX and small form factor solutions. We offer both pre-assembled systems and individual components. We understand that each application demands a unique hardware configuration. Our range of mainboards, cases, and components will enable you to create a truly customized system to suit your project needs.

We provide technical consultations, quotes, and volume pricing for our corporate customers. We also offer component customization and design as well as private label services so we can assist our clients in branding or developing their own systems. See Services for more information.

For questions about these services or to request a quote on a volume order, write info@logicsupply.eu or call us at +31 85 2733760.

Some Logic Supply Corporate Customers

  • Microsoft
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Pinnacle Data Systems
  • XM Radio
  • Caterpillar
  • Electronic Arts
  • Texas Instruments
  • Archer Daniels Midland